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0% culture war

The gun debate: a contest to see which side can demonize more people. Each side is trying to destroy the other. You win wars by force. And culture wars are no different. Each side fires their volleys, back and forth, but the only thing that ever changes is the cable news ratings.

We’re done with that. We’re about making new gun owners and spreading gun rights — and that’s all. The world loves to put people in boxes: Democrat, Republican, redneck, snowflake, and all the rest. No more boxes. Welcome to Open Source Defense.

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Coming out of the safe

Yes, it’s true: a handful of gun owners absolutely do fit the stereotype. But here’s another truth: twelve million people in the US carry concealed at least once a month. There are 10+ million AR-15 owners out there. Almost 40% of people in the US have a gun at home. Those people aren’t a stereotype. They’re our friends and family and neighbors. And a lot of them are afraid to even be known as gun owners, let alone to share that it’s an important, joyful part of their lives. We’re making it safe for them to be themselves.

Take a newbie shooting

Taking a newbie shooting is the most effective thing you can personally do (you! yes, you! this weekend!) to expand gun rights. It’s a privilege to take someone shooting for the first time — and it’s really fun. Here are some tips that will help you open minds one range trip at a time.

I’m a newbie going shooting

I’m taking a newbie shooting

Culture not politics

Begging politicians to do the right thing is a waste of time. Culture drives politics, not the other way around. Open Source Defense is focused on culture. Making it easier to learn about guns, and safe to come out of the safe. If we do that job right, the politicians are going to come to us.

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Gun rights are human rights

We’re all born with the right of self-defense, to control our own destiny. And for that to carry any weight — especially for the weakest, smallest, or poorest among us — that means having the best tools of self-defense. That serves as a credible deterrent. (The best fight is the one you can prevent — not every homeowner who keeps a dog is looking to maul an intruder).

Guns mean that if all else fails and bad luck ever strikes you, you keep the final say on what someone else wants to do to you. If anyone takes those tools away from you, they’re taking your final say too. They’re saying that they’ll decide for you — that they’ll give you permission to control your destiny.

We believe all people are born with the right not to ask permission for that. Gun rights are human rights.

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