Open Source Defense

About Open Source Defense

We couldn’t wait for a gun rights organization that matched our values to show up, so we created our own. We work mostly in tech and media. We live in some big cities and some small towns. Politically we’re individually all over the map. And we leave all that at the door to focus on strengthening gun rights.

There’s something that has always been going on with this issue that both sides have missed: it’s not a debate.

The conversation, from the media to Congress to living rooms, looks on the surface like a debate. Each side has their arguments and stats and logic. They lob them back and forth, trying to change minds. But it almost never actually gets results. On net, roughly nobody ever switches sides.

That’s because you can’t persuade somebody against their will. The underlying strategy of “You have deeply held opinion x, I have deeply held opinion y. I will now show that you’re wrong.” simply doesn’t work in real life. What evidence does exist on it, suggests that it backfires.

Both sides go through the motions of an Oxford-style debate, but judging by their actions, they know persuasion doesn’t work. The actions don’t match a debate. They match a culture war.

We’re the culture war Switzerland — neutral, and well-armed.