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About Open Source Defense

We couldn’t wait for a gun rights organization that matched our approach to show up, so we created our own. Say hi at or @opensrcdefense on Twitter.

OSD’s values

These are the ideas that brought us together and the ones we work to express in everything we do. Good values are ones that can help you make hard decisions. By definition that means not everyone will agree. And that’s ok, because it means we’re being clear, honest, and decisive.

Digital native

This one’s simple: in 2022 if you’re not working for gun rights online, you’re not working for gun rights. Everything we do is online-first. Not because this can all be won from a keyboard — it’ll take more than that — but because this issue boils down to building culture, and culture starts and spreads online. So that's the highest-leverage place to apply ourselves.

Be easy to like, and hard to stop

Psychology is funny: people go with their friends' bad ideas all the time, but never with an enemy's good ideas. So we have no interest in being anyone’s enemy. We’ll always be civil, thoughtful, and downright friendly, no matter who we’re talking to.

But we’re not coy about our beliefs. You can count on us to always make principled, hard-to-stop arguments that expansive gun rights are a fundamental human right. And you can count on us to be kind and approachable while we do it.

Make people proud to be associated with gun rights

People get applause for going on TV today and shouting that gun owners have blood on their hands. And gun owners sit there and take it, because they’re afraid to come out of the safe. Beyond its core logical problems, gun control is a police-first idea that has always criminalized the poor and powerless. So we think it’s incredibly important to make it safe for people to come out and say, “Hey, I believe in gun rights. I don’t belong in jail, and I’m a good person.”

To do that, we decouple guns from all the culture war baggage. Gun owners come from all political stripes, all walks of life, and all colors. To stereotype and criminalize them is not just lazy, it’s morally wrong. We work to be a group that you can be proud to be associated with. A group whose conduct everyone respects, even if they disagree with us.

It’s day one

Yup, this one’s shamelessly cribbed from Jeff Bezos. In the gun world we often fixate on the past and what it means for the future. How things were pre-NFA, how some law or some news is the end of history. We don’t believe in the end of history, we think every day is the beginning of history. And we start fresh every day to make that history into what we want.

Optimists who are never satisfied

We play to win, not to slow down losses. That means we’re long-run optimists — we’re doing this because we believe it can be done. But to do it well means that in the short-run, we’re never satisfied. We are always focused on what we can do better, where we can do more, and what we need to fix. Relentless work today is how we pay for optimism tomorrow.

Who’s running this thing?

Good question. We are:

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BJ Campbell, newsletter writer

BJ Campbell is a practicing licensed civil and environmental engineer in the Atlanta area. He writes for OSD, Quillette, RECOIL, and on his blog/publication Handwaving Freakoutery.
Chuck Rossi, writer

Chuck Rossi, writer

Chuck was the director of release engineering at Facebook from 2008 to 2018, and from 2016 to 2018 also worked on making the company’s firearms policy more transparent to users, advertisers, and content creators. He’s now a consultant and advisor to companies in the tech and firearms industries.
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Daiji Shikama, newsletter writer

Daiji is a product designer who enjoys shooting 5.56 and 35mm. He also collects permanent markers and is just as picky about his writing utensils as his AR triggers.
Jon Stokes, writer

Jon Stokes, writer

Jon co-founded the tech news site Ars Technica, which was acquired by Conde Nast in 2008. He has also been an editor at WIRED, and is a contributing editor at Jon has consulted for a wide variety of tech and media companies, and is currently deputy editor of The Prepared.
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Kareem Shaya, newsletter writer

Kareem is a software engineer and was the second full-time engineer at Warby Parker, so ping us if you ever need glasses. He’s currently an engineering manager at a payments company.
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Mike Majewski, newsletter writer

Mike is marketing manager at Ferro Concepts. Check out his gun photography at @mem_projects on Instagram.